Hooray! It’s done.

Hooray! Construction work on the Mervilles@HerkimerCounty & beyond website is completed. It may not be obvious what was accomplished. If you use a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device, I hope you will see the results. “Responsive” is the technical term – it’s how you view the website with one of these devices. Prior to the modifications the website was not “responsive”. That’s been corrected.

Additionally, I’ve “loaded” the genealogy database accessible at the Genealogy tab above. Unfortunately, only 2 individuals are available for viewing: John H. Merville and his wife, Phoebe (Ward). This is deliberate as I wish to provide the sources of my information for individuals as well as the appropriate citations. I must confess I’ve been lazy recording research information in my desktop genealogy software which I use to transfer data to the website. Therefore, the “cart” (this website) is definitely before the “horse” (my genealogy database). Mea culpa.

I suspect this approach may seem academic and “stuffy” to the family historian who is mainly interested in populating a family tree with a name and vital statistics. To those individuals I again apologize.

When I began my “hobby” names and statistics were my objective as well. However, as my interest in genealogy has matured, my search for names and statistics now competes with my desire to create backstories of select members of the Merville family tree and an associated group of families with a surname variant spellings of Wilkerson, Wilkinson and Wilkison (my interest in the “3W’s” will become apparent in future posts). It is my belief these backstories:

  • advance my research technique, skills and knowledge to solve genealogical problems using The Genealogical Proof Standard;
  • find lost and yet to be discovered souls whether they be ancestors or descendants of John and Phoebe Merville or others;
  • entertain myself, you and a future readership with intriguing stories not to found anywhere but here.

Next post – Jennie Ward Hoffman’s unpublished document, “Ward Family”.

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