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2nd photograph from left – ADAM3 BRINK MERVILLE (Henry2, John1) and MARY JANE (GARVEY) MERVILLE. An 1860 census record states a Mary Garvey (born about 1845 in Canada West) worked as a domestic for the James Brady household in Porter, Niagara County, New York. WILLIAM3 H. MERVILLE (Henry2, John1), Adam’s brother, stated in a deposition that he knew Adam and Mary when they were children long before they were married. John F. Taylor, in his deposition, said he and Adam lived in the same neighborhood at Ransomville in the town of Porter. Therefore, it’s highly probable that this Mary Garvey was the same Mary that married Adam. In the photograph Mary wears the most elegant earrings. The copy of the photograph was provided by Jack Steineger.

3rd photograph from left – Handwriting on the reverse of a copy of this photograph identifies Alonzo, 2nd from the left and Dick, his brother, 3rd from the left. Alonzo is ALONZO4 BRINK MERVILLE, (Adam3, Henry2, John1); Dick is IRA4 EARNEST MERVILLE (at some point in his life Dick begins using the given name, Richard, instead of Ira). The other 2 men are not identified; but, I believe they are Alonzo and Richard’s brothers, JOSEPH4 EUGENE MERVILLE and WILLIAM4 H. MERVILLE. This photograph is fantastic in that it depicts them in the occupation that dominated their entire lives – oil drillers. Jack Steineger provided a copy of this photograph.

4th photograph from left; front row, left to right – JOSEPHINE5 FLORENCE (1902-1986), CARL5 MAXWELL (1910-1980) and MARY VIOLET (REED) MERVILLE (1882-1971); back row, left to right, : DERWARD5 REED (1905-1979) and WILLIAM5 HOWARD (1903-1983). This was ALONZO4 BRINK MERVILLE’s first family. In June of 1931, Mary Violet made an application to the court for the appointment of an Administrator for the estate of he husband as he had not returned to the State of West Virginia nor had been heard of for a period of 7 years. In the next month, she was appointed the Administratrix based upon the legal presumption he was deceased. Sadly, that was not the case. As she and her children were left to fend for themselves as the country entered the Great Depression, Alonzo was alive and well and living in El Paso, Texas. A copy of the photograph provided by Jack Steineger.

2nd photograph from right; left to right – OKEY SYLVANUS SNIDER, MARY VIOLET (REED-MERVILLE) SNIDER, MABEL LAKE (FREED) MERVILLE and WILLIAM5 H. MERVILLE (the same individual in the prior photograph). Oakey was an oil driller. His first wife was BERTHA ELNORE REED, Mary Violet’s younger sister. Okey and Bertha were married in 1905. Bertha passed away in 1948. Okey eventually married “Granny Violet” as she was known by her granddaughter. They are standing in front of the Snider family home in Salem, West Virginia. Photograph provided by Jane Flinn-Martin.

1st photograph on right; left to right – REBECCA7 (Jane6, William5, Alonzo4, Adam3, Henry2, John1) and her mother, JANE6, stand along side a sign in the town of Merville in the region of Nord-Pas-de-Calais-Picardie, France. Photograph from my personal collection.