This item reveals to us John H. Merville’s religious persuasion. It can be found under the heading of “Town of Litchfield, Herkimer County, New York Circuit Steward’s Book (M E Church), containing reports of Quarterly Meetings” at page 16 of the New York DAR GRC report, series 1, volume 131, 1940, titled unpublished cemetery, church and town records of Herkimer County, New York . . . “ an entry describing a trial headed by Lucien (Lucius) H. Rogers, Preacher in Charge of the Litchfield circuit in 24 March 1837 at the house of William Bouck to investigate a complaint made by William accusing Hubbel Lyman of drinking. Members of the Society before whom the trial was held included: Henry M. Hatter [Harter], John House, William Bouck and John MARVILLE [Merville].

The “M E Church” is the Methodist Episcopal Church. The “Society” mentioned above is probably the Methodist Episcopal Kingdom Society. I’ve collected a deed transcription which states on 9 Dec 1835 Frederick Gitman and his wife, Margaret, sold 40 rods of land to the Trustees of the Society: William Bouck, Henry Harter, Hubbend Lyman, Frederick Gitman and John House.

On page 19 of the same document, I also found in the abstract of names from Minutes and Conference Reports entries for Aaron2 (John1) MARVELL in 1844; Aaron MARVEL in 1845; Aaron Marvel in 1846 and Aaron Merville in 1847.

I emphasized some of the variants of spelling of the Merville surname.