Merville vs. Marble

John H. Merville was the ancestor of the four times great grandfather of [Living]7 ([Living]6, William5, Alonzo4, Adam3, Henry2, John1). Her spouse, Leslie Karr, “the Researcher”, undertook discovery to determine the parentage, place of birth and ancestral origins of John. Jearld6 (William5, William4, Adam3, Henry2, John1) Merville was a three times great grandson of John. The Y-DNA 111 results for Jearld Merville match several individuals with the surname Marble in the Family Tree DNA database. There are Y-DNA matches at 111 markers (genetic distance 6 and 7); 67 markers (genetic distance – 4 and 5); 37 markers (genetic distance – 2, 3 and 4); and 12 markers (genetic distance – 0) of individuals with the surname Marble. Some of these individuals assert that their Most Distant Common Ancestor (MDCA) is John Marble (1605-1690).

In published text An American Family: Botsford—Marble Ancestral Lines by Donald Lines Jacobus claimed there was a settler in Boston, Massachusetts by 1646 named John Marble with his wife Judith. Jacobus also identified a Samuel Marble, “ . . . perhaps a brother of John, . . . ” who was in Concord in 1666; a Nicolas Marble in Gloucester, Massachusetts in 1658; and William Marble, “ . . . perhaps a brother of John . . . ”.

Additionally, autosomal DNA (atDNA) test results reveals at least one individual with Marble listed as an ancestral surname who matches with Jearld Merville. There is also an atDNA match of at least one individual with Marble listed as an ancestral surname and a pedigree chart with the above identified John Marble as an ancestor who matches with [Living]6 (William5, Alonzo4, Adam3, Henry, John1).